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Just thought I'd quickly say hi to you all!
25 year old Vegan kinda-fur from Britain.
Hope you're all well.

It's intro postin' time.

Hi all!

I'm Khuwwa, and I've been eating a mostly vegetarian diet for nearly two years (since Halloween 2006).  I just found this comm and I am quite happy to see it. Mostly because furries are already considered strange by some, but vegetarian furries are considered strange even by other furries. It's always good to hear from people who DON'T think you're a crazy person for living your own life.

It seems like there are some things that are just SO horrible to some people, apparently... being a furry,  being a vegetarian, actually caring about animals, etc.

As one of my friends says, "You're just a whole pile of controversies rolled into one!" (We are moving into a house with some roommates, and one of them is anti-furry and anti-vegetarian. But he doesn't know I'm a furry yet, so I just have to hear his vegetarian jokes for now.)

Looking forward to trying some of the herbivorous recipes I spy here. And looking through the posts some more. It seems like this comm doesn't have a whole lot of activity, but that's the way it goes - vegetarian/vegan-ism is an ongoing lifestyle, and once you figure out how to do it, it isn't so difficult as to require daily questions.

And I'm SO going to call myself herbivorous from now on. Especially when people give me a hard time. "I'm not a vegetarian, I'm an herbivore!!" Lol.

soy is BAD for you, and the environment!

now, before you bring out the fursecution guns, hear me out! I am only looking out for the health of my fellow herbivores.  I myself am a very adamant vegitarian, getting my protein from beans (mostly garbanzo and black beans) milk products(yogurt, cheese, and lactose free milk) and free-range non-fertilized chicken eggs.  but i've known for a long time now that soy was bad for you, and i just recently re-discovered the foundation that had put out the studies that stated as such.  here is a quick myth and fact rundown sheet.  



if you are thinking "oh noes! wat wil i eets nao?"  I suggest looking into hindu food,  they seem to be the culture that does vegitarian right!

New here

Hey everyone! I just joined up. I'm Chewtoy, the squeaky green cat. I've been vegetarian since I was 12, and just went vegan about 3 weeks ago after learning even more about the horrors of factory farms and finding loads of yummy vegan recipes. My fursona is a vegan too. She's a photosynthetic cat, so perhaps a cannibal? ;)

I LOVE animals. To me, that's what furry is all about, so it just makes sense not to eat them. Since furry and veg*nism are two of the most important things in my life right now, all I have to say about this community is double yay! :D

I'm an artist too. I do a lot of fantasy art, but I've been doing more and more anthro art lately. I also make fursuits. I have a website, but am also on DeviantArt and FurAffinity.

I'll probably be popping in and out, sharing recipes and yammering about animals. XD It's good to be here!

Holistic vs. Contemporary Medicine

Just a question for you vegfurs... What are your thoughts on holistic health care and preventive medicine as alternatives to traditional health care and pharmacueticals?  

Taco bell ingredients

As I find the fast food places lists Ill post them. bye bye Zesty sauce

taco bell ingredients list