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Oh hai! Just joined this community. I approve, oh so much. :D... I've been vegetarian for a decade, and vegan for most of that.

To get discussion going: how many of you have noticed how much of an easy ride animal rapists (zoos) get in the furry community? A lot of them just claim to "love" animals... if they really did care about animals, they wouldn't wanna give a dog a bone! Meat eating is something most of us have grown up with, with both our families and society in general telling us that the flesh of another creature is a perfectly valid thing to shove down our throats. Raping animals, however, is not looked upon fondly. Whilst it's understandable that many people might eat meat, why do so many in the furry community support animal abuse and interspecies rape? It always does my head in. Thoughts? I've tried reading into their motivations and philosophy but it just makes my head hurt- they can't seem to understand that animals can't consent. It's like training a disabled person to peform sexually- they might want to, they might get enjoyment out of the act, but on a moral level anyone who isn't extremely unbalanced wouldn't support that or ever do it!


Aug. 3rd, 2010 05:38 am (UTC)
Hi there, nice to have you on board. However this community isn't very active - I think yours is the third post of 2010. Still, hopefully there will be more. I think it's important.

I'm not a zoo, but I thought I might pop in and be all contrarian. Hope you don't mind.

Peter Singer, an ethicist and the father of animal rights (he wrote (i)Animal Rights</i>) has made the point that it's possible to have a sexual relationship with an animal without doing any harm. It's a bit icky but it's worth a read:


I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. Anyway, welcome aboard.
Aug. 3rd, 2010 04:34 pm (UTC)
Interesting points from Singer. Thanks for pointing out this article. :-)


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